Real Life Country Living

So, early this morning, 6am, I am up and have coffee boiling and I,ve got the fire blazing to warm things up. Its a cold house , having been built in 1975 from 2x4 and cedar siding and poorly insulated. We don,t like wasting expensive electricity , especially when we are sleeping and prefer breathing the the cool air at night. The sun was just starting to turn the mountain tops into a warm orange glow. Frost was everywhere this morning as it was still only -3 C. As the rest of Canada is still in winters icy grip, we in Southern British Columbia are basking in warm spring conditions that typically come with El Nino. Well, today was not a day for working or a day for chores around the acreage.
Instead , we started the morning with a hike up one of the small mountains and a paragliding flight back down
Kind of a ritual here whenever the weather allows. After that we were off to rock climb at Skaha Bluffs, a very popular climbing destination and well known around the world.
On our way hiking back out of the bluffs, we got a call from Ma and Pa to come for dinner and by this time we are very hungry , so no decision.

We still have time to kill so off we go to the log yard to put in a few hours of log cutting before heading off to supper. These two cats we inherited are just like a couple of dogs.
I guess this is one of the special things about living in the country and surrounded by mountains and forests. No people to fret about, no neighbours, no traffic and noise and pollution
Just clean air and quiet surroundings. Nice not to have to worry about the cats in traffic.Anyways , off we go on the 1/4 km hike to the old folks place on the hill.
Behind us and in front, charging back and forth, Dongo and Guida the two cats are in full pursuit of us and any mouse that may come in their way.
Good thing they are so black , that they are a little harder for the screech owls to spot and catch for supper. After a couple of hours of visiting, we got ready for the dark hike back home.
As soon as we opened the front door, in charged Dongo and Guida talking away to all of us and settling into their new home away from home,
I thought we,d have trouble coaxing them back out, but it seems they are faithful to their new owners. A few days ago we spotted a fresh cougar kill, ( deer remains ) on the driveway to the dam in the park. So we are a little more cautious hiking in the dark and making sure the cats get in for the night. Today was warm and spring like and the evening was no less perfect with the stars twinkling in the black sky. Tis the perfect end to a beautiful day.