Save $$$$ on heating your log home with this one tip


Have you ever wondered why log homes and cabins are one of the most sought after ways to build a home?  People can actually Save $$$$ on heating your log home with this one tip!  Log homes are already known for being one of the best kinds of homes on the market, they are super durable, and very well built.  Plus, they have the highest thermal mass rating out of any other style of home.  This is all thanks to the logs, which have their own thermal protection, that acts as insulation for the home.

Sometimes, the logs can have some small spaces in between them, which isn't good at all for staying warm in the colder months.  This is why there is chinking, which serves as a type of sealant that seals the spaces between the logs so that no cold air can enter, and no harm air can escape.

 There is acrylic chinking which seems to maintain the best seal, and lasts the longest.  The great part is, chinking comes in so many different colours that the log home owner can choose from, so it can match the logs, or be a complimentary colour to add some interest.

Making sure that you have the best seals in between the logs, insures that you will be able to keep your house nice and warm, with out all of the heating costs that you might have if their were spaces where the cold air could enter and warm air escape.  Log homes are one of the best housing options for that reason alone, in that they are known to have one of the highest thermal mass ratings, which is what makes them such a great choice for housing.   In the photo you will notice the chinking on this home, and you can see how it just blends right in.  Such a great and effective way to save money and keep your house nice and warm.

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