Saved From Slaughter

Rescued off a slaughter truck, a broken down Amish plow horse shows the world what is possible when given a chance.  I wonder how many other horses, or people for that matter, if given the chance would also shine as Snowman did.  I think that this story of Harry & Snowman is a beautiful lesson for all of us to learn from.  Whether it is a horse or any other type of animal we can learn so much about love and kinship if we are truly open to it.  Harry saw something that day he saw Snowman that he simply couldn't ignore.  He responded to it and his life was forever enriched by the experience.

 He and his family had some incredible experiences all because he said yes to this horse.  Their lives were forever impacted by this one simple decision.

snowman way over two jumps

I love to think of the wonderful life that Snowman had because Harry chose to respond to him.

I love to think of the wonderful life that Harry and his family had because Snowman was a part of their life.

I bet Harry had absolutely no idea that this simple little decision would have such a huge impact on his life.  It really completely changed his and his families life and even still today after Snowman is gone his life is still beautifully enriched because of Snowman. I wonder about the seemingly insignificant "coincidences" that we all have had in our lives and where they could possibly take us. I think being open to these kind of moments is so very important.  Maybe we won't be famous in any way like Harry and Snowman  but our lives will be beautifully touched in a profound way because we said yes to a special feeling or moment like Harry did.  Thank you Harry and Snowman for your wonderful and beautiful inspiration!

snowman swimming                                       snowman with kids



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