Scourge of Oregon, you won't believe the beauty that can be created from it

There is a lot of amazing furniture out there, and some of it is made out of the most unlikely things!  These amazing pieces of wood furniture are made from the Scourge of Oregon, you won't believe the beauty that can be created from it!  These pieces are made from Juniper wood, and more specifically the twisted and gnarled wood that looks folklorish and very artistic.  If you are looking for interesting, natural furniture, than this is definitely something you would love.

Juniper trees grow in the western parts of Canada and the United States, the Juniper here, comes from Oregon.  They grow in the harsh mountainous terrane with the most intense weather conditions, so they are subject to becoming twisted as you will see in the photos of the furniture.  Larger juniper logs can be harder to find since the average size is 10 to 15 feet tall and 3 to 10 inches in diameter.  So this is why you will notice that the larger pieces are so costly.

There are some amazing pieces of furniture here!  Wow!  I love the entertainment centre with the two cabinet doors on it.

 That piece was close to $3000 and has already sold.  Lamps with built in shelving cost around $700, and smaller tables cost around $750.  The dining table with the Red Wood trunk's wood and the Juniper legs, is gorgeous!  How about the beautiful mantle that you see in the photos on the page too?  Wouldn't that make for a stunning focal point of any room?  They even make bathroom vanities with sinks in them!  The craftsmanship on each and every one of these pieces is outstanding, and all of the work that goes into sourcing these pieces of wood is incredible all on it's own.  Any of these pieces would be a wonderful addition to the home, office or recreational property.  No two pieces alike!

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