Shades of Grey

Grey is making a comeback. Many home owners are now choosing to use grey tones on their new log homes. It seems to be a nostalgic feeling about log homes from the past.


Storybook Log Cabin
Warm hues fill a cozy cottage nestled in the Appalachian foothills
Written by Amy Elbert
"We weren't in the house 10 minutes before we knew that this is what we wanted," recalls Gail, who was smitten with the storybook quality of the cabin.
The cabin was built in 1928 by Joe Webb, an Appalachian craftsman who built nearly three dozen log homes in the area in the 1920s and ’30s, using no power tools or architectural drawings. (See The Work of Joe Webb by Reuben Cox, published by the University of Georgia Press.) The pine and chestnut logs and the fireplace are all original.
Interior design: Carole Weaks, C. Weaks Interiors, 349 Peachtree Hills Ave., Suite D-1B, Atlanta, GA 30305; 404/233-6040.
Photography: Emily Followill
Produced by Lisa Mowry

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