Steve McQueen’s amazing Log House Country Estate on his 500 acre ranch in Idaho

Here are some great pics where the King Of Cool would make his Log House Ranch Escape when he needed that getaway from it all.


A great actor, Steve was well known for his role in the movie " The Great Escape as well as "Papillon,The Magnificent Seven, and many more.


What an amazing log house to get away from it all high in the mountains of Idaho

Imagine waking up here to a magnificent sunrise and the smell of fresh coffee brewing.

It would be hard to imagine a more peaceful setting


Mesothelioma took Steve McQueen down in his prime of life
Working with Asbestos was a huge hazard and not enough was known at the time of the long term negative health effects
Not fair to a young guy working hard for his country


The dangers of Asbestos were far away from this  high log house retreat where the air is pure and the life simple.
There is something about the simple life that we all need
Maybe that's why we are all so smitten by the country way of life.


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