Stump Stools Are Easy To Make And Look Great

I know. This seems ridiculous. But I just love these little buggers. It seems they’ll fit in just about any space: Next to a tub. (I do a lot of bathrooms.) Tucked in next to a chair. Outdoors, as an extra table or seat. In the smallest closet imaginable, where nothing else will fit.
They'll go anywhere!
For me, they’ve kind of become a go-to item in spaces with a rustic chic style, a contemporary interior, or even a room designed to have a trendy-glam look.
It brings in hints of a natural element, texture, and warmth. And when it’s done in silver or gold, a little glamour!
You can buy them, or if you'd like to save a little money, you can even make one yourself!
They are so easy just sand the rough stuff smooth and put a clear coat of Varathane on to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Simple!

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