You won’t believe the interior!


Ok, have we seen it all? I’m beginning to think so!


The imagination of these designers (Rock Mountain Tiny Homes) has really broken the mold.

Straight out of something Tolkien may have written, these tiny houses are lovingly made out of

school buses and crafted cleverly into fully functioning tiny homes with wrap around decks,

hardwood floors, a kitchen with a ton of counter space and surprisingly a full bathroom as well!


No space goes to waste in these tiny homes, the stairs double as storage with built in cabinets, the

kitchen sink can be covered to create more counter space and there is a pullout pantry so there is

lots and lots of storage for dry and canned goods. The adorable bathroom is really appealing, with

modern features and lots of window space for a sunny look out, wherever you may end up parking

this tiny home! Every detail is lovingly crafted. The furniture is beautifully made and cleverly

designed so that a breakfast nook becomes a dining table for four and when its not needed, just

tucks away to keep a lovely feeling of spaciousness.

Now that’s clever in a home that is just 208

square feet!


The surprises don’t stop there – as you go up the stairs to the sleeping area, you’ll find a loft with

plenty of space for twin beds and storage on one side and another sleeping area with enough

room for a king bed plus more floor space, and both sleeping areas connected by an ingenious

plexi-glass walkway that keeps the light open feel of the home and makes for a really unique birds

eye view of the home from above. The kids will love it!


One of the most unique features of this home though, is, of course, the wavy shape of the roof,

which allows for more space and additional windows in the house but gives it that unique appeal

that really makes this tiny home stand out. According to the designers this particular house (The

Pequod Tiny House) was “very challenging and time consuming to execute” but we think it was

worth it! This really is a unique and charming tiny house, what do you think?


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