Think you know which species of wood is the best for a log home?

Log homes are one of the best and most sustainable ways to build a home these days.  There are so many different types of wood to use when building one though, do you think you know which species of wood is the best for a log home?  You many not even know that you can only use certain types of wood to create log homes.  There are some woods like walnut wood that is too soft and too gnarly to use for making log homes.  This article tells you how you can determine which wood will work best for log home building.

The woods that are best have some factors that need to be considered.  For example, the woods that are the best have a high thermal rating, meaning that they are very good for insulating the home, and protecting it from the harsh elements.  As well as a moisture barrier to help keep the moisture out of the home.

 Also, resistance from different types of bugs and pests as well as rot.  There are naturally occurring chemicals that are found in a tree's natural toxins, that help to repel these pests and rot.

The four different types of wood they list in this article are Pine, Spruce, Red Wood Cedar, and Douglas Fir.  Each of these different trees has different properties that will make them each desirable to build with.  So it depends on the kind of home that is being built and the company or the buyer's preference.  Some are more cost effective than others, while the more expensive ones will have more benefits.  There really is not one Best species of wood that is the absolute best of everything, it is really up to the buyer what they choose after they have become well informed on each of the different woods.  They outline each of the properties of the four different woods, so that you can learn some more about each one, and be able to come to your own decision.

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