Wait! That’s not a pile of logs!

Clever little log house will keep you guessing!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we first saw this little cabin on wheels. It looks like a pile of logs

ready stacked for firewood, but look a little closer and you can see that its anything but!

When you first see it with all of the shutters closed, it blends right in with its surroundings and

becomes just a pile of firewood. But cleverly hidden behind a façade of logs are windows that are

shuttered and covered with a fake plastic design of logs that blends into the cozy cabin. Lift them

up and you see a tiny log cabin that has windows on all sides.

Its actually been designed as an

office on wheels.


This particular little cabin has been utilized as a music studio or study for a musician that lives in

The Netherlands, designed by Piet Hein Eek, it could also be used as any secluded little office

space that you might need. Can you imagine taking a walk out to the woods and really having the

time and seclusion needed to create your masterpiece? Whether you are a writer or a musician or

any kind of artist, this cozy little cabin will function as a real retreat from the distractions of every

day life.



With all the shutters on the windows around the cabin lifted, the space immediately becomes a

bright and airy studio, with lots of fresh air and natural light flooding in to add to any feeling of

being creative. Just because its small doesn’t mean it will be dark and cramped. It really has been

cleverly designed to bring the outside in and make it feel spacious and inspiring.



For this particular cozy recording studio there are plenty of shelves for storing books and records,

benches for relaxing and getting inspired and a workstation that can hold a keyboard or computer

or anything else that will make your office your own. Best of all, this office is portable, it’s on

wheels! So just move it anywhere you want it to go, even if you just need follow the sun as the

seasons change.



Beautiful, clever and functional, what do you think?

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