We Bet You Have Never Camped Under the Stars like this !

Glamping - We bet you have never slept under the stars quite like this!


Glamping or “glamorous camping” pairs destinations with the intimacy of camping and the world of

luxury travel. Sleeping in luxurious tents is fast coming the ultimate travel experience. Imagine

visiting the wilds of BC while coming home to your 5-star canvas tent appointed with the luxuries

you would find at any high-end resort. If these forests of fir are in your destination desires, envision

enjoying a summer sunset next to the calming sounds of the Siwash river outside your spacious

canvas safari tent.

As you enjoy a glass of fine wine after a delicious organic dinner you can

almost imagine yourself on some romantic African safari with elephants grazing in the distance.

Only here you are much more likely to see deer, moose and the occasional bear! With glamping,

you don’t just visit to the destination, you experience the destination.


These canvas tents really go much further than just coziness and comfort, they are spacious and

luxurious with hardwood floors, beautiful private decks overlooking the river, forests and incredible

landscapes. You can tie back the drapes in your private master bedroom and look straight out onto

the glorious nature that is your backyard. If you prefer, stay cosy by the fireplace, there is even

radiant in-floor heating! This is no damp camping of your childhood! Truly a once in a lifetime



Of course with this kind of luxurious camping there is an ensuite bathroom with all the amenities,

even a flush toilet! You can also enjoy the stunning indoor/outdoor shower, with a rain-style shower

faucet, cool off or warm up looking up at blue sky or the stars above, its your choice! Why not take

advantage of the back to nature style of this accommodation but truly feel taken care of and

spoiled with luxury. That’s a vacation we can really get behind!


At night snuggle in the luxurious sheets in your king size bed and watch the shadows of the fir

trees filter the moonlight across the roof of your canvas palace, open the drapes and let the fresh

breezes and sounds of the evening lull you to sleep. A truly magical experience and one you can

share with the whole family, these tents can accommodate up to five family members so a

romantic getaway or a family get together, its all possible here.


Wake up with the sun in the morning and start another glorious day in these magical canvas luxury

tents, we know we want to try it, how about you?!


Website http://www.siwashlakeranch.com/site/accommodations.html
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