Monotasking – The Joy of Doing Just One Damn Thing at a Time

Monotasking – The Joy of Doing Just One Damn Thing at a Time

Hello, everybody. So today I was meditating and this is a thought that has been coming up for me more and more these last weeks and has started to crystallize. And that is the idea of allowing myself to do just one thing at a time, especially in the world, in the way that it is right now with all of the different stimulus and all of the difference in all of the different mediums of information out there, it’s highly possible that much like me, you have perhaps thought of a million different things that you want to do, a whole bunch of different projects that you want to work on, a whole bunch of things that you want to accomplish. You might be wanting to accomplish fitness goals, meditation goals, work goals, creativity, goals, all sorts of different, different things. For me, it’s working on this gemstone channel and it’s other things, too, like keeping a good fitness schedule. And also I’m working on a computer game development business. And also at the same time, I’m working on a crystal and gemstone shop. And also at the same time the list kind of goes on. And so what happens is that whilst all of these projects individually are highly enjoyable to work on, what I noticed is that when I try to work on more than one project at once in my mind, or when I feel like I need to get to the doing of another project besides the one that I’m presently focusing on what I feel suddenly every time I start to multitask in my mind, what I feel is almost a harmonic dissonance in that my otherwise kind of happy, relaxed, calm, enjoyed, you know, a vibe which is enjoying what I’m doing.

Suddenly what happens is that I start to feel like this. I guess you could call it stress. You could call it a bit of a feeling of being overwhelmed, a bit of feeling like how am I going to manage my time? How am I going to accomplish all of these things? Suddenly it’s starting to seem like more than I can take on. That’s not true. Can I have time for all of these things? But with one in my mind, I’m telling myself that I need to find time for this. I need to spend only so much time on what I’m doing now and then. I need to do the next thing and the next thing. And next thing. What happens is that I stop enjoying what I’m doing. I start pressuring myself and what I what ends up happening as I actually for me, I slip into an almost a state of non-action. So just by having too many things going on in my mind, too many things that I want to be doing and individually would superduper enjoy doing when I apply all of these things or even two of these things in my mind at the same time, what happens, as I say, is a sort of harmonic dissonance and the frequency starts, the two frequencies start to collide with each other and create noise.

And this sort of energetic noise causes me to suddenly, instead of feeling enjoyment from the single thing that I’m doing and working on, it starts to cause me to feel sort of stressed feelings, anxiety, feelings, eventually feeling sort of overwhelmed and like possibly even creating this feeling off of not wanting to even work on anything because it starts to feel like too much. And so the purpose of this video is if anybody out there is having trouble finding motivation and having trouble getting started on some of the projects that you might want to be doing or some of the goals that you might have in life, it might be possible that you may be trying to do too many things in your mind at the same time. And that’s the point of this video, to do one thing at a time and to allow yourself to do just one thing at a time and to enjoy that thing and to find a way to put aside all of the other things that you may be wanting to do. You will find time for them. Oh, I’m quite sure. But in the meantime, allow yourself to be able to do one thing by allowing yourself to only do one thing. And don’t put a time limit on the thing you’re doing either unless you have other life stress skills and pressures and time constraints.

Obviously, everybody’s life is a little bit different, but don’t necessarily put a constraint on the activity that you’re presently working on if you’re enjoying what you’re doing, if you’re into it, if the energy is flowing, if you’re feeling it, do it and continue to do it. And eventually, at some point you’re going to your mind is going to want to break from that. It’s. Going to be like, yeah, I feel pretty satisfied with that, and at some point, you’re going to feel ready to move on to the next thing. I do this to myself quite a bit when I’m when I wake up and I and I feel the excitement to start recording some videos on crystals and gemstones or to work on some project, there’s this part of my mind that says, well, don’t forget to meditate because we made the commitment to ourselves to meditate for one hour per day. And that is important to me because meditation has a lot of health and wellness and mental and emotional benefits. And so, you know, that’s an important thing to me. And in my mind, I think to myself, well, I better get my meditation done so that I can get that aside. And what ends up happening is sometimes I will listen to that voice which says I better get this out of the way so I can focus on what I really want to do. But what I end up doing during this meditation is fighting with the natural state of my mind, which woke up feeling like I want to do some video recordings today or something else. Whatever it is, it changes day today and I end up fighting with the natural flow and rhythm of my mind to accomplish the quote-unquote thing I should be doing.

And should is in the in air quotes accomplish the thing that I think I should be doing to get it aside so I can focus on what I want to be doing. And ultimately what ends up happening, and this is highly illustrated with meditation, is that my mind resists what I think I should be doing with what it wants to be doing, what is naturally feeling despisers this positioned to do. And so what I have also noticed is that when I allow my mind to take part in the things that it feels ready to do, excited to do, what ends up usually happening is that space is eventually made and time is eventually found. Where for those other things like meditation or fitness or whatever the case may be, the time is eventually found for those things. And when it is found, my mind is ready for it. If my mind is ready to slip from those alpha-beta wave states into a more at Delta or gamma wave relaxed frequency and just like enjoy getting into a deep meditation. And it’s not it’s not something I’m trying to force on myself. It’s not a thing I’m trying to necessarily do because I think it’s good for me and it is. But it’s the timing and the sequence of these different things that you can do in your life that you’re interested in doing, that you think are good for you, et cetera, et cetera, and what your mind is presently ready for.

So that is the point of this video, is it is to remind you or perhaps suggest the idea that allowing yourself to do just one thing at a time is very important. And actually, I’ve read a lot of Joe dispensers books lately. He actually talks about multitasking and specifically and I really started to notice this thing he described just by accident, you know you know when you hear something and he read something and you sort of understand it, and then months go by and you start to certain sort of, let’s say mental or emotional issues start to arise. And you’re like, what is that? Does that keep coming up? And then you kind of piece together that thing and then you realize that you actually read about that thing a while ago and it starts to really make that tangible reference experience sort of sense. And so you had that occur with some of the books I’ve been reading on Joe Dispenza, by the way, amazing author. If you haven’t checked him out, you will absolutely love his books. They will change your life. I swear they will change your life. They’re amazing. But anyway, wasn’t one of the things he talks about is that in this modern world, with multitasking being what it is, the mind actually emits a sort of. Field and the heart also emits a sort of field, and they both emit actual measurable field, that when these two fields come into harmony with each other, they actually amplify each other’s field and become very powerful.

And but at the same time, these two fields are in a sort of different frequencies. If, for example, your mind is saying, oh, I should be meditating, but your kind of heart and you’re like your vibe is saying, well, I want to record some crystal videos today. If these two things are kind of coming into conflict with what the thing you should be doing is or, you know, thinking about multiple different ideas at the same time, what happens is that they do synchronize with each other, the field’s kind of conflict with each other, like basically like, you know, sound frequencies of sounds of different or let’s say a song in different chords, a song that we’re using different to songs of different melody, to songs of different pitch and harmony, to songs that didn’t go well together. If you play these two songs together or out of sequence, they create noise. And that’s what happens in your sort of your being. Is that the frequency of your mind and the frequency of your heart? If they’re out of synchronization with each other, they create noise. And that, I think, is what personally I’ve been experiencing as this sort of feeling of being overwhelmed, perhaps this feeling of perhaps not even wanting to try anything, not being sure where to start.

And that is when you get more than one thing in your mind at the same time, or if you have something, let’s say in your mind, and something that differs from what’s in your heart. And so allowing these two things, the mind and the and the heart to synchronize and become the same energy really creates this powerful, enthusiastic, fun, enjoyable state to live and be in. And so what I’ve sort of boiled it down to is, like I say, the title of this video. I think it is the title of this video, which does one thing at a time and allow yourself to do one thing at a time, because I think maybe, just maybe there’s more going on than even we possibly could know about the value of doing one thing at a time and being in the moment and allowing yourself to have that experience undiluted by the millions of other things that you feel like are going to be good for your overall life and wellbeing, etcetera. Anyway, I won’t ramble any more than that. That was a pretty good long ramble. I hope somebody out there has found this video helpful. Maybe, maybe not.

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